El Dia de los Muertos

     The day of the dead is a holiday that is celebrated by Mexicans. It is not Mexican Halloween and is celebrated over 3 days. 

The first day is a day of preparations. People make altars in their houses for their dead relatives. The altars have pictures of the dead, fruits, sugar skulls, cut tissue paper, spicy chocolate sauce, and funny skeletons. There are also bowls of salt, (to scare away evil spirits) water, and spoil symbolizing their journeys over land and oceans. There are lots of orange and yellow flowers. 

The second day is the day of the dead children and the third is the day of all dead people. Mexicans spend the whole night in the cometary celebrating. They play music and dance. The Mexicans consider this a time of laughter not a time to feel sad for their loved ones. 

      En el altar hay frutas. Hay calaveras de azĂșcar. Hay cuencos de sal, agua, y tierra. Hay una foto de un difunto. Hay chiles. Hay cempasĂșchiles. Hay flores amarillas y anaranjadas. Hay calacas graciosas. Hay papel picado. Hay rostros pintados.  

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