Fantasy Sneak Peak

Deep in the trees, in the Forest of Oceana, Sylvia glided back home. After a long day, she was very tired. Crunch, crunch the leaves screeched as she walked on them. Hoot, hoot went the owls glaring at her from the treetops. That was her cue to rush home. Sylvia dashed through the woods; her feet barely touched the ground. When she reached the Red Brick Road, Sylvia stopped and fixed her hair and dress. Then she walked home as if this, was what she had been doing all along.       
                                                         * * *
Now I am your mother’s true sister,” the woman replied happily. Sylvia was puzzled.”When I was a child, I was put a curse for stealing a doll from a supermarket. By a witch. It was for my own good but still no one likes to have a curse on them,” just the thought of it made a chill spread through Sylvia’s spine.”That witch died 2 years after she put the curse on me. But she wanted to live a longer life. So she grabbed her soul and went inside of me. By defeating me you have killed her soul once and for all. You have also freed me from my curse of being a short tempered ugly women. How can I ever thank you.” She ended. 
    I chose these 2 paragraphs because the first has a lot of great words that give the reader a lot of background information. For example instead of saying that Sylvia ran home, I wrote that Sylvia dashed home. It helps me when I am reading and I bet it helps you too. The second paragraph is a part of one of the best dialogue scenes I have written. I am very proud of myself because I find it very hard to keep on adding quotation marks. I hope you like this excerpt and want to read my story.

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