Me+ Organisation 

A couple of my strengths in organising are making sure that I have everything and am not leaving anything behind. For example, if I am doing my homework, I know that I need to put my iPad in my backpack because I write notes to myself on my hiteboard or in my agenda. I also put things in places where I can see them and find them easily. For example, in my locker I put my odd day books on one shelf, and even day books on the other. These are a few things that I think I do well in organisation.

A few things that I can improve in organising are, checking my calendar for notes or emails more often. I can also improve by setting remeinders for summative and formative assessments and also make sure that I double check my backpack for all my notebooks or other materials.

One goal I have for the rest of the year is to be able to keep my locker and iPad apps and notebooks and notes organised. It helps to get things faster, and it makes sure that I do not leave anything behind.

I hope I can keep my goal up!!!!!!!

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