Voices of the River Valley


We started by learning with the four ancient civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Yellow River, and Indus Valley. We used NoodleTools to help us organise our notes, that were based on the eight strands of a civilization. The strands are: Stable Food Supply, Social Structure, Government, Religion, Arts, Technology, Writing, and Geology. For each ancient civilization we researched and piled our notes into NoodleTools. After we had researched about the initiations, we picked one artifact or aspect from any of the four civilizations, and went deeper into it. Then we made a video and found images that match our aspect or artifact. I picked Hatshepsut, the first woman pharaoh of Egypt. I found images of her and put them into my video. Then we made a plaque about our aspect that explained a little bit of the research we did. We listed the strands of a civilization that our aspect matched too, and also wrote about their life. We learned how to cite our sources by scanning the barcode behind the books, and putting the link of the website at the end of our document, or notecard on NoodlTools.

Sources: Ancient Egypt and the near East: An Illustrated History. New York, Marshall Cavendish Reference, 2011

Dell, Pamela. Hatshepsut: Egypt’s First Female Pharaoh. Minneapolis, Compass Point Books, 2009


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