Catapult Reflection

Today we built our own catapults. I’m proud of the design that I came up with. At first I was confused about how to make sure that it stands straight it and make sure that the eraser can go a long distance. I used a spoon to help make a cup for the eraser. On the first trial, my catapult shooted the eraser one meter away. My partner and I improved on our design and added a much larger popsicle stick that helped the eraser go further. On the third trial,the rubber band had worn out a little bit so it did not even go one meter away from the starting line. 

The next time I do this I will use a thicker rubber band and add more support to the base. This will help the catapult be more stable and the rubber band will not wear out as easily. This was a fun task that I enjoyed building on.

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