Humanities reflection

This year in humanities has been great. I learned a lot about myself as a writer and reader. I am proud of the books that I read, and the pieces that I wrote. One of my favourites in reading this year were: Salt to the sea, A night divided, Between shades of gray, and many others. I really pushed myself this year in the genres that I am reading. At the beginning of the year I was reading a lot of realistic fiction, and graphic novels. Now I have grown and am reading historical fiction, as well as dystopian and fantasy. In writing this year, I pushed myself with my informational text. The title of my article was The Gifts and Curses of an Civilization. In the past, I have not been able to find enjoyment in this. But this year I was actually surprised that I had fun writing this and also researching. I am really proud that I did well in this written transcript and also my podcast. Another thing I am proud of is that i made new friends in my class. I new some friends before, but I feel like I did well branching out and making new friends. At the beginning of the year I stuck to my friends, and sat at the same table, but now even though I still sit at that table, i am happy to work and collaborate with most of the people in my class. Hopefully next year, I will make even more friends, if I am with any of the people that are in my class right now. Some hopes that I have for next year are to become better at doing more than 60 minutes of Membean every week. This will help my vocabulary, and I would like to do more of it. I also would like to read more young adult books, and complete some more books in the series that I have started this year. During the summer I want to read some books on Overdrive. This year I liked books by Agatha Christie. Hopefully I will read more of her harder books next year. One last thing that I am proud of this year is that I was able to grow in giving presentations. I did three book talks, and in each one I think I did better than the last. I learned how to make sure that the audience is engaged in what I am talking about, and to also include pictures as a visual that helps them picture what I am talking about. I really enjoyed this year!

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