Humanities reflection

This year in humanities has been great. I learned a lot about myself as a writer and reader. I am proud of the books that I read, and the pieces that I wrote. One of my favourites in reading this year were: Salt to the sea, A night divided, Between shades of gray, and many others. I really pushed myself this year in the genres that I am reading. At the beginning of the year I was reading a lot of realistic fiction, and graphic novels. Now I have grown and am reading historical fiction, as well as dystopian and fantasy. In writing this year, I pushed myself with my informational text. The title of my article was The Gifts and Curses of an Civilization. In the past, I have not been able to find enjoyment in this. But this year I was actually surprised that I had fun writing this and also researching. I am really proud that I did well in this written transcript and also my podcast. Another thing I am proud of is that i made new friends in my class. I new some friends before, but I feel like I did well branching out and making new friends. At the beginning of the year I stuck to my friends, and sat at the same table, but now even though I still sit at that table, i am happy to work and collaborate with most of the people in my class. Hopefully next year, I will make even more friends, if I am with any of the people that are in my class right now. Some hopes that I have for next year are to become better at doing more than 60 minutes of Membean every week. This will help my vocabulary, and I would like to do more of it. I also would like to read more young adult books, and complete some more books in the series that I have started this year. During the summer I want to read some books on Overdrive. This year I liked books by Agatha Christie. Hopefully I will read more of her harder books next year. One last thing that I am proud of this year is that I was able to grow in giving presentations. I did three book talks, and in each one I think I did better than the last. I learned how to make sure that the audience is engaged in what I am talking about, and to also include pictures as a visual that helps them picture what I am talking about. I really enjoyed this year!

Greek crafts reflection

Today we made some different forms of Greek artworks. I originally planned to make a mosaic with the ocean since that played an important role on the island of Crete. But I was also able to make two other smaller necklaces. I used different sizes of squares made of paper for the mosaic instead of tiles. I used elastic and beads for my necklaces. The next time I get an opportunity to re make these crafts I would like to make a medallion and add more detail to my mosaic.  Here is what I managed to make:

My takeaway from this project was how in Ancient Greece the metics and other villagers sat finishing their crafts before selling them in the marketplace. This activity helped me learn how hard they worked and how much they put into it. We only had 85 mins, but they use to spend days completing theirs. Craft was something important to them. It was more then just a little something. It showed us what they truly were like, and what were the beliefs at that point. Today we still study and look at their artworks to discover parts of their life and our past.

Catapult Reflection

Today we built our own catapults. I’m proud of the design that I came up with. At first I was confused about how to make sure that it stands straight it and make sure that the eraser can go a long distance. I used a spoon to help make a cup for the eraser. On the first trial, my catapult shooted the eraser one meter away. My partner and I improved on our design and added a much larger popsicle stick that helped the eraser go further. On the third trial,the rubber band had worn out a little bit so it did not even go one meter away from the starting line. 

The next time I do this I will use a thicker rubber band and add more support to the base. This will help the catapult be more stable and the rubber band will not wear out as easily. This was a fun task that I enjoyed building on.

Service Learning Day

     On the 1st of March, we had a service learning day where we did a lot of activities and learned about service. Here is what learned and my takeaway:    During the ice cream simulation, I noticed that the group that had most people had the least amount of land and also started with the the smallest amount of money. This game challenged us to think about how we could help others and not just ourselves. For example, the groups that had less land and fewer people, hired people from other groups to help them build their ideal community. This is a kind of service towards others in your community.

     In the empathy and sympathy activity, we learned about the difference between the two. Sympathy is a comment that highlights what you do have, while empathy puts yourself into someone’s shoes. We got in groups of three, and practiced scenarios where each person gave one sympathetic and one empathetic comment to a person who might be sad for whatsoever reason.

      I enjoyed the how to start a change activity because we learned to take risks. If you are interested in changing something about the world, you should start with a tiny little thing. I watched a person dancing around in front of many others. At first he was a lone nut, but then a second person joined him. The most important person in a change is the second person, because he transforms the loner to a group of change.

    After that we did some research for a topic that we were interested in. I picked girls education. I found a lot of cool facts about this. Most of the facts that I found were from girls in Fiji or in Nepal. I made a poster and one thing at I want to do to help girls go to school, is to clean out my room, and donate all the school supplies that I don’t use any more. There are some donation boxes in school, so I can leave them there.

     The last activity we did is a lollipop moment. A lollipop moment is a moment that you don’t realise, but helps someone. It’s a significant point in their life, and they will probably remember it for a long time. My friends shared a moment where I had helped them and it made me feel really good about myself.

     My big takeaway from this day is to be brave and take risks. It is also to help out whenever I can because service doesn’t cost money. 


Voices of the River Valley



We started by learning with the four ancient civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Yellow River, and Indus Valley. We used NoodleTools to help us organise our notes, that were based on the eight strands of a civilization. The strands are: Stable Food Supply, Social Structure, Government, Religion, Arts, Technology, Writing, and Geology. For each ancient civilization we researched and piled our notes into NoodleTools. After we had researched about the initiations, we picked one artifact or aspect from any of the four civilizations, and went deeper into it. Then we made a video and found images that match our aspect or artifact. I picked Hatshepsut, the first woman pharaoh of Egypt. I found images of her and put them into my video. Then we made a plaque about our aspect that explained a little bit of the research we did. We listed the strands of a civilization that our aspect matched too, and also wrote about their life. We learned how to cite our sources by scanning the barcode behind the books, and putting the link of the website at the end of our document, or notecard on NoodlTools.

Sources: Ancient Egypt and the near East: An Illustrated History. New York, Marshall Cavendish Reference, 2011

Dell, Pamela. Hatshepsut: Egypt’s First Female Pharaoh. Minneapolis, Compass Point Books, 2009


Writing in Cuneiform


This post is showing you how I made my own clay tablet with Cuneiform written on it. To see the video click here.  I think Cuneiform is important because it was the first written language started by the Sumerians. It is also important because it shows us how our ancestors communicated with each other. I think that it is a really important because it is a piece of the first civilisation. I am really happy that we got to try this because now I know how hard and time consuming it was. Thanks,