Ancient Greece Government

     Today I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of government in Ancient Greece. They had four different systems that changed over the years. The first was monarchy, then there was oligarchy. Afterwards there was tyranny and lastly there was democracy. But today I will only talk about monarchy and oligarchy.     The first government system in Ancient Greece was monarchy. The advantages of this system were:

The people had no voice. The subjects occasionally jumped in to give advice, but that was it.

The polis might be stronger.

The King could exile any people that he considered bad, to a different kingdom. This would also help the polis be rid of bad people.

There was always a chance of blaming others for crimes, since there were so many people in each city-state.

The disadvantages of monarchy were:

The eldest Prince would get to be King. The princes always killed each other, to fight for the crown. 

Sometimes the eldest son killed the King, because he wanted to become King earlier, and serve a longer time as King.

Since the people do not have a voice, the Polis always had a chance of dying out.

The subjects and people had no voice.

     The next government system in Ancient Greece was oligarchy. Here are the advantages of this system:

The political power was shared among aristocrats. These were people who inherited wealth and power fro their families.

Slowly the system changed and the political power soon rested with a few selected individuals. 

Some were of aristocratic birth, while others were wealthy members of the middle class.

The disadvantages of this system were:

When they had to make an important decision, they would fight amongst themselves.

The citizens enjoyed certain protections although they lacked full political power like voting.

Sometimes oligarchies ruled harshly, and eventually the citizens overthrew it.

     Oligarchy and Monarchy were two of the four different types of government systems that took place in Ancient Greece. None of them lasted for more than 3000 years, until democracy came into Ancient Greece.