Writing in Cuneiform


This post is showing you how I made my own clay tablet with Cuneiform written on it. To see the video click here.  I think Cuneiform is important because it was the first written language started by the Sumerians. It is also important because it shows us how our ancestors communicated with each other. I think that it is a really important because it is a piece of the first civilisation. I am really happy that we got to try this because now I know how hard and time consuming it was. Thanks,


Digital Citizanship

This post is about what I learned about being a digital citizan. I learned that I should always balance how much technology I use a day. I should not spend 4 hours on YouTube, and make sure that I do my homework before I go online. I also learned that I need to be respectful of what I post, and know that I should not be hurting anyone else. I finally learned that I need to remember that once I post some thing, I cannot delete it. All the more reason to be careful online. 


Lost Boys (and Girls) of Sudan

During the civil war in Sudan, many Sudanese boys and girls fled the country. The had two options, either stay and die or leave and possibly survive. They walked miles and miles, and then finally reached Ethiopia. The boys had good shelter for a while, but when the civil war reached Ethiopia, they had to flee. The traveled back into Sudan, and then down to Kenya. All the boys and girls that had survived, received shelter in Kenya. Some boys traveled to Brussels and another group traveled to the United States of America. We made a map that showed how many boys travelled to each star of the USA. Texas Has 265 lost boys

Ranthambore Reflections

This past week went on our first overnight trip without our parents. Ranthambore! It was a great week full of excitement and a little bit of nervousness. I fell like this trip has been an amazing learning experience.

On Febuary 8, we made a painting that explained how we felt( below). I was very excited, but also a little nervous. It was sort of like a jumble of emotions. The different shades of blue are the mixed emotions, but the orange is the nervousness that really stands out. 

 On Monday, this week, we made a painting on how we felt we had changed or grown over the trip. In my painting, there are tons of colours and a streak of black. The black is how independent I have become.